Akers Nano’s technology platforms deliver fast, accurate, and highly cost-effective health information. Chemiresistor semiconductors detect target molecules in small concentrations. Molecular imprinting or selective doping during the formation process ensures never before seen accuracy. Binding of the target molecule to the semiconductor blocks electrical current, which generates a signal to the digital application. Our technology platforms can be developed for many different applications. These platforms allow the use of non-invasive specimens such as breath or oral fluids. Results are produced in 10 seconds and displayed on a digital device.

Digital interface linked to breath test displays results

Rapid, Painless, Non-invasive

Enables optimal health and wellness management with digital results tracking

Only takes 3 minutes

Compact and portible, it can be used anytime, anywhere. Traditional methods require expensive blood draws performed by specialty laboratories.

Innovates and revolutionizes health and wellness