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Follow Sue's epic adventure into ketosis on the keto diet!
Hello world!

Here is the story of one middle aged, slightly overweight girl.  I went to Barnes & Noble looking for a book (hence middle aged).  The diet section is huge! After an hour and a half of shopping and conquering a strong desire for a hot chocolate chip cookie, I chose a book.  It had shopping lists and menus, so I figured I was done. It ended up being only the beginning.  I realized only half of the information would be helpful, so I went to the web. About 6 bookmarked websites later – I downloaded an app.  Then I went to Amazon to look for more books, downloaded another app and now have my free kindle keto diet book which links to more websites.  The amount of information is super time consuming to wade through but mostly consistent. Thank goodness there are also lots of recipes available.  The recipes range from esoteric foods outside my normal diet (hemp milk, stevia & erythritol sweeteners, fat bombs, coconut flour, homemade “keto” condiments etc.) to “normal “ foods like chicken and fish.

What I found…

I decided to start slow because I didn’t want to get the keto “flu”.  Who has the time or desire to feel bad for a diet?? 20 carbs daily supposedly gets you into ketosis faster but you will probably get the keto “flu”. I don’t know how I could have achieved 20 carbs with my baseline knowledge.  Doing my “own version” I lost about 4 pounds at 40 Atkins carbs per day and was going strong with regular exercise.

Then nothing!!  No more weight loss What, I was eating like this for nothing!  So, I went to work (Akers Nanotechnology) and checked my ketone levels.  Zip – I was not anywhere close to ketosis (0.2 with a target of 1.5)!! Are you kidding me!  What??? So I re-examined the information about carb counting and made the sad discovery that the Atkins method is less strict than a standard keto method (see below). Dammit, I’m in this now and I’m going to get to ketosis or at least understand how hard it is to achieve! I’m going to try the standard keto counting method because obviously this carb thing has something going for it and I’m curious.  

So maybe I’ll try the medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil supplement but I’m not there yet.  MCT oil supposedly can help you lose weight quickly. MCT oil creates ketones and helps us burn the fat we already have. Even I have heard of the coffee folks make with coconut oil or MCT oil.  

There are lots of creative, yummy keto recipes! There are also lots of long term keto dieters who swear by the lifestyle and its health benefits. Apples, oranges, bananas, and even a huge salad have a ton of carbs – really – that’s just wrong in my opinion.  I now know what walking in keto diet shoes feels like. It’s hard! You want/need to know if it’s working because of what you are giving up! After some experimenting with a keto diet, I’m gonna have those carbs and not feel guilty about it!

So just as an FYI of my experience and results – see below. The first 6 days I used Atkins carbs which are: Atkins carbs=total carbs- fiber-sugar alcohol/glycerin.  This didn’t seem too bad. Then, I wanted just one piece of dove dark chocolate, so I started the math: 17g carbs-0 fiber-13 sugar= wow 4g carb. Could this be right? Sadly, this is the moment I went on the web again and finally understood the difference in carb counting.  Using a “regular” keto method of counting carbs, it’s really 17 carbs.  I also found this out because my one baby clementine orange had values of either 0 carbs or 6.5 carbs.  Clearly my first 6 days were not keto accurate!! However, from April 9th on, I mean business!!  I am counting standard keto diet carbs. I am trying to hit 20 carbs per day and I’m going to test myself daily.  I will update you to let you know how this goes. Also, I’m super curious if there is a weight bounce back when you stop.  

Day 1: 33 carbs

Day 2: 18 carbs

Day 3: 39 carbs

Day 4: 29 carbs

Day 5: 20 carbs

Day 6: 36 carbs, Ketone Level: 0.2 in am

Day 7: 20 carbs, Ketone Level: 0.7 after exercise

Day 8: TBD carbs, Ketone Level: 0.4 in am

There are so many websites dealing with keto diets and ketosis it’s amazing.  I put in a few below in case you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  

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