Akers Nanotechnology, Inc. ("Akers Nano") develops, manufactures, and supplies rapid mobile health tests ("mHealthTestsTM") based on proprietary nanotechnology platforms which provide instant information about health and metabolism for a healthy lifestyle using digital applications.

Tests for Ketones:
-KetoFit: for the management of weight loss and fitness
-Preserve: for the management of Alzheimer's Disease and Senile Dementia
-CardiacProtect: for the minimization of risk and improvement of outcomes in stroke and MI patients
-Diabetes: for mass screening of diabetics in outreach programs
-DKA: for the detection of diabetic ketoacidosis

Tests in development:
-Oxidative Stress / Free Radicals

The Company manufactures its products at its facility and with subcontractors, and is compliant with ISO 9001.