mHealthTestsTM  for a healthier lifestyle based on nanotechnology platforms

Discover the cutting-edge science of Nanotechnology and how it can make a healthier you
Akers Nanotechnology, Inc. ("Akers Nano") develops, manufactures, and supplies rapid mobile health tests ("mHealthTestsTM") based on proprietary nanotechnology platforms which provide instant information about health and metabolism for a healthy lifestyle using digital applications.

We design and manufacture mobile health tests ("mHealthTestsTM") which provide instant information on health and metabolism that enables healthy lifestyle choices. These tests are based on our proprietary nanotechnology and digital application platforms.

We want to be a leader in the personal healthcare revolution of the Internet of Medical Things. We believe that our extensive experience in the medical diagnostics industry, combined with new, cutting-edge nanotechnology platforms, positions us to accomplish just that.

The Company manufactures its products at its facilities and with subcontractors, and is working towards compliance with ISO 9001 and FDA GMP.